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Response: Complex Systems Theory:

So since the link is broken look for the tile in google book the best place to look at the article is pg.347. GO THERE! There is history galore on La Marqueta.

Brown also proposes Complex Systems Theory as lens through which one could look at La Marqueta. The theory in essence states that systems are interdependent and measured by ability to be resilient. Brown poses that La Marqueta Mile applies this theory, by allowing the space to be deregulated, and therefore evolve as the culture evolves. In short Browns proposes La Marqueta Mile is a design proposal that creates infrastructure rather than designing for a set result. Future design of La Marqueta Mile will act as the veins for East Harlem’s evolving culture to pulse through.

It has been asserted by representatives of CISC that development of La Marqueta will aim to preserve existing culture in East Harlem,providing jobs, and other venues of sustainable economic growth. What has yet to be discussed directly in the workshop is CISC’s intent to buffer gentrification. Brown’s application of Complex Systems Theory immediately contradicts CISC’s intentions for La Marqueta.

How can you have a deregulated market that acts as the structure for evolving populations, in addition to incoming populations and at the same time control how this is done in favor of East Harlems’ peoples, as CISC hopes to do?


A High Line For Harlem Reading

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NYTIMES Scope of La Marqueta

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Link To NYEDC Info on Bread Kitchen

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**Link To A Compiled History of East Harlem

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